About Erin Collins, LPCA


I’m Erin: a therapist working in Waynesville, NC. I’m trained to provide professional counseling services and to work with trauma. But you might also say that I:

reorient people in their lives

help teens find their way

witness women coming alive

help redirect negative sh*t

I most often work with women are looking for someone to hold a space for them so they can sort through things. They may be continuing to deal with the effects of sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, or violence in their families while they were growing up. They may have been in counseling in the past and done good work in therapy -- but are finding that it's time to come back in.

I help people learn to trust and honor themselves so that they can:

            feel more at home in their bodies

            cultivate more satisfying, authentic relationships

            live with a greater sense of purpose

            keep moving  past abusive experiences

            be more connected to and aware of their inner guidance

            pursue faith and spirituality in a healthy way

            know that they have all that they need

 If you’re ready to be supported in your journey, to explore and understand your story, to be empowered to do what you want to do in your life, or to do relationships differently, call or email today to set-up a free 10-minute phone consultation or to schedule a first session.