Things feel

Your anxiety has been on the rise lately, leaving you tired and hazy. Or maybe you're having a hard time making decisions and have been constantly second-guessing yourself.  Perhaps you're struggling to find the kind of relationships that you want. Maybe your body has been out of whack -- not sleeping well, headaches, stomachaches. Perhaps you faith feels different lately and you're not sure what to do with that.

This is your path to walk, but you don't have to find your way alone.


Hi, my name is Erin Collins

I'm glad you're here and I'd love to help. I want you to get relief from nagging anxiety. I want you to feel at home with yourself. I want you to feel empowered in your relationships. I want you to feel connected to a greater sense of purpose and joy. I want to be able to trust and honor yourself.


Things Can Be different

While you may have been terribly harmed in various relationships, I believe you can heal and move forward in the context of relationships as well. Through therapy we can create a space for you to tune in with yourself, explore your story, and address challenges that are coming up.  Together we'll leaverage your strengths, build skills to help you take care of your emotions, confront what is holding you back, and help you chart a path forward. 

Ready to Get Started?

Contact me to schedule and initial session or to set-up a free 10-minute phone consultation. You can call me at 828-550-3864 or email me at